Purdue student travels the country to raise awareness about mustangs

The Exponent interviews Madison about traveling across the country while training mustangs and zebras.

Cinderella rides a mustang

Telluride Daily Planet writes about Madison Shambaugh, talking about the struggle of the american mustang and what Madison has been doing to broadcast their abilities. The article continues to talk about Madison's cinderella performance with her most recent mustang, Amira at the Mustang Magic competition.

From Wild to Mild, training a mustang in 100 days

WFFA interviews Madison Shambaugh at Mustang Magic 2017. Mustang Maddy describes the struggle of the american mustang.

Ocala Star Banner Mustang Maddy Interview

Ocala Star Banner interviews Madison Shambaugh at the start of her 2017 tour in Ocala, FL about her wild horses and zebras.

"Roam" TV Mustang Maddy Interview

ROAM TV interviews Madison Shambaugh at the 2016 Hoosier Horse Fair in Indianapolis, IN about her wild horses and "Zena the Zebra."

'Mustang Maddy' displays work with equines, including a zebra

Released by News-Sentinel October 5, 2015

For good reason, rational people don’t ride zebras – those “bad boys” of the African Serengeti. However, once in a very great while, with schooling almost by osmosis, this might change, thanks to a local horsewoman with abundant reserves of talent, patience, a love for all things equine and...

Mustang Maddy

Released by MediaWright on July 25, 2015

John Wright with MediaWright recently chose to do a video profile on Madison that provides insight into her understanding of horses and people.

Student finds solace in wild mustang after death of a family member

Released by The Exponent April 8, 2015

What do a broken leg, losing a grandparent and a horse with neurological damage have in common? They’re all major setbacks one Purdue student had to overcome on her road to the Extreme Mustang...

Extreme Mustang Makeovers and the Mustang Heritage Foundation

Released by Whoa Podcast on April 21, 2015

Kyla told me about an excellent young trainer, Madison Shambaugh, who had competed successfully at the Virginia Extreme Mustang Makeover.  I was able to contact Madison and ask her about her mustang, Terk.  Madison also generously shared some of her training and horsemanship tips...

Madison Shambaugh and Terk 'Shine Bright Like a Diamond' at 2015 VA EMM

Released by Horse Nation on April 7, 2015

Personally, I’d find it difficult to train a “regular” domesticated horse to do this much, in front of a crowd, without a bridle, in 130 days. The thought of starting with a completely wild and previously 100%-untouched mustang is just crazy. But that’s exactly what Madison Shambaugh...

Madison Shambaugh and Terk Shine Bright at Virginia Horse Festival

Released by Horses in the South on April 2, 2015

(Doswell, VA) April 1, 2015 – Madison Shambaugh and her mustang “Terk” stopped the show on Saturday evening with their freestyle performance at the Virginia Horse Festival’s Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge...

Video: Bridleless Freestyle Mustang Makeover

Released by Stacy Westfall March 31, 2015

130 days of training.

She hopes to train horses full time after she graduates from Purdue.

I don’t think she will have trouble getting customers...

Mustang Maddy and Her Mustang Terk

Released by Cavalor University Mar 31, 2015

Wild. Free. Spirit. Beauty. We see in the mustangs what we hope to see in ourselves. This, I believe, is what draws us towards...

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