Mustang Terk

6 year old Nevada Mustang gelding


Terk was the mustang assigned to Madison for the VA Extreme Mustang Makeover in 2015. Together they performed an emotional, bridleless freestyle performance at just 100 days out of the wild that gained international attention. Madison adopted him following the makeover, and he is now one of her beloved teammates. 

Mustang Takoda

6 year old Nevada Mustang gelding


Takoda ("friend to everyone") was assigned to Madison for the 2016 LA Extreme Mustang Makeover. His progress after just a few days has been nothing short of amazing. Madison plans to adopt him following the makeover.

Mustang Tauri

4 year old Wyoming Mustang gelding


Tuari ("Young Eagle") was adopted by Madison in the fall of 2013 as her first ever wild mustang. A strong willed, free spirited horse, Tuari often proves entertaining as he captures hearts through his mischevious, curious personality.

Zena the Zebra

1 year old zebra filly


Madison acquired Zena in June 2015, in order to see if she could tame and train the world's toughest equines. So far, Zena has proven herself as an avid performer and beloved teammate. This girl is earning her stripes as a crowd favorite!

Maisey the Mule

Weanling Molly Mule


Madison acquired Maisey in October 2015 in order to include an even greater diversity in her liberty team. Maisey is proving to be an incredibly smart and sweet addition! 

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